I am a Mendocino-based artist working primarily in acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas, and transfer processes on silk.  What is hidden has always intrigued me: in the obscured underpainting, in the sylvan understory, in our subconscious.  Much of my artmaking entails exploring these hidden realms of looking through layers and into the mystery.

I grew up in a family of makers. Recycled materials, race car parts, seagull bones, vintage kimono sleeves, and silk handkerchiefs have all imprinted on my artmaking since childhood.  Some of the more linear forms of that collection find their way into my graphic design business, Tierra. 

The vibrant and rugged Mendocino coastline is a constant source of inspiration, both in and out of the water. Iā€™m a surfer, and there is an inherent correlation between the uncertainty, thrill, and vulnerability of surfing and the creative process for me.